Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia

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  1. Mountain with an elevation of 3676 m.
  2. The ------- Islands are located east of New Caledonia.
  3. Arawa is a settlement on which island?
  4. This river is located between latitudes 5°S and 10°S.
  5. New Caledonia is proposing independence from which country?
  6. The Asaro 'mudmen' live in the ------- Range mountains.
  7. --------- borders Papua New Guinea to the west.
  8. Settlement at reference J2.


  1. This settlement is located on land with an elevation between 2000 and 4000 m.
  2. ----- island forms part of the Bismarck Archipelago.
  3. Name the capital city of New Caledonia.
  4. This mountain range is located in the south-east of Papua New Guinea.
  5. What body of water separates Papua New Guinea from the northern tip of Australia?
  6. Which area of New Caledonia is featured in the photograph?
  7. This river flows into the Gulf of Papua.

This crossword puzzle was created by Pearson Australia with EclipseCrossword.