Web Destinations

The following websites will provide you with further information about this topic. We have provided short descriptions of the websites, so that you know how they will benefit you. Their features include interactive tests, photo galleries, articles, statistics, tutorials, animations and lots more. Some of these websites may be quite valuable to you when researching assignments!

While every attempt has been made to avoid websites containing inappropriate advertising, Pearson Education Australia takes no responsibility for the changes in the content of these websites.

Arctic Alive!

Want to visit the Arctic Circle? Use this site to do so … virtually! Visit this website to learn about the virtual expeditions offered by this group, and then ask your teacher to look into arranging an online excursion. Have fun!

Arctic Circle

Learn about the Arctic Circle's natural resources, history and culture. Visit the 'Museum' for artwork and photography, or take a look at the 'Virtual Classroom' for case studies and activities. This site also contains GIS maps.

Australian Antarctic Division

The website of the Australian Antarctic Division contains lots of information on Antarctica. The section on 'Protecting the Environment' is particularly useful—visit 'Classroom Antarctica' for various online activities. From the home page, you can also click to information on the various stations and take a look at the various webcams.

International Association for Antarctic Tour Operators—Tourism Statistics

This page has a detailed list of statistics on the number of visitors to the Antarctic region. Click on the current 'Trends' document to see a graph containing this data.

National Geographic—Xpeditions

This website sets you a task to complete – you need to explore both poles and compare and contrast them. Read the brief you have been given and complete the specified task. Good luck!