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The following websites will provide you with further information about this topic. We have provided short descriptions of the websites, so that you know how they will benefit you. Their features include interactive tests, photo galleries, articles, statistics, tutorials, animations and lots more. Some of these websites may be quite valuable to you when researching assignments!

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CSIRO Land and Water

This website provides updated research on water issues in Australia. The image gallery offers useful materials for school classrooms.

Human Development Report

The annual Human Development Report provides current statistics on a wide range of social indicators, many of which relate to water availability, access and use, or are influenced by the provision of water.

Water for Life, 2005–2015

This website is the home for the United Nations International Decade for Action: Water for Life program. In addition to the information about this program, this website also contains links to a wide range of information on topics such as sanitation access, pollution and disaster prevention.

World Water Day, 22 March 2006

This United Nations website focuses on World Water Day. The 2006 theme was 'Water and Culture'. A wide range of material is available on this website, including a poster, video and fact sheets. This website also outlines cultural events undertaken around the world as part of World Water Day.

World Water Development Report

At this website, you can access a comprehensive range of materials (including the second World Water Development Report, released in March 2006). The website also includes detailed case studies about water issues in seven global locations. The 'Facts and Figures' page contains a wealth of basic information.